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Just before the “Torrential Floods of 2014” (eye roll to anyone not in the SF Bay Area and doesn’t understand how bad our infrastructure is), I learned that the circuit breaker had gone out on our sump pump.  Oh, 2 days before said Torrential Flood was set to hit.  I called Bob in a panic.  He said he wasn’t cheap (and he’s not), but he would be able to come out in a couple of hours to take a look.  (My response was, “well, you know what’s more expensive than you?  Cleaning a flooded basement!” – but again I digress.) He came out and worked with our circuit breaker, and more importantly, taught me a couple of things about the wiring in our house.He knows his stuff and you definitely want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing – no one wants an amateur electrician (bzzzt) (Link to Yelp)
Doreen H.
Burlingame, CA 
When I had an electrical problem in a bathroom, I contacted Bob who got back to me right away by both email and phone. After describing the problem he was able to guide me to the solution over the phone – no visit needed!  And, no charge.  Very professional, very knowledgeable, and obviously interested in actually helping solve your problem as efficiently as possible. (Link to Yelp)
Matt B.
Burlingame, CA 
When I had an electrical issue on Labor Day I called Bob. He answered the phone personally and was over within an hour. He was professional and knowledgeable and fixed the issue quickly(Link to Yelp)
Adrian S.
San Francisco, CA 
Bob from Hillsborough Electric is professional, thorough and very friendly. He’s ethical and found the problem within minutes, then worked quickly to resolve it. Bob came on time and explained to us in terms we could understand what the problem was and the safest solution.
After he fixed the initial problem, we asked him to repair one other issue. He gave us the option of fixing it ourselves with his advice or doing it himself. I really appreciate how he gave us options. I’d highly recommend Bob’s as an electrician. He’s the kind of person who you’d welcome back to your home.  (Link to Yelp)
Barb D.
Los Altos, CA 
I was desperately trying to find a Electrician, specially one that would not try to take advantage of me because of the location of the service. After many attempts found Hillsborough Electric.
I called to make an appointment but Bob was such a nice guy that instead coming over and charge me the fee he walked me through the problem and was able to solve it right there over the phone.
I was impressed with Bob’s attention and skill in solving my problem over the phone especially with his professionalism and honesty.
I added him to my emergency list and also make him my Electrician.
Strongly recommended Hillsborough Electric. (Link to Yelp)
Sil P.
Mountain View, CA 
Hillsborough Electric’s Bob is terrific.  After trying to walk me through the circuit box during a phone call (not unlike trying to teach a squirrel to play the violin), he came out and took all the time necessary to locate the multiple electrical panels in my insane, built-out rental house.  In doing so, he stayed till after sundown, when the lights at last went on.  We negotiated an extremely fair price. Though I do not welcome more electrical trouble, I would be happy to have him back any time, and can’t recommend him more highly. (Link to Yelp)
Anne R. Woodside
Los Angeles, CA 
We had been sitting in the dark for about 3 weeks waiting for our previous Electrician to call but he never did.  Bob came highly recommended so I gave him a call.  Not only did he answer, he was able to come out that afternoon.  He is very efficient and did some research to get us the best prices for replacement parts we needed. Since I didn’t have any knowledge of what he was doing, he kindly took a moment to explain to me so I would have a better understanding.  I would definately call Bob again and highly recommend him for your Electrical needs!  He gets the job done and his rates are very reasonable! (Link to Yelp)
Kathy C.
Los Altos, CA 
Our 240V outlet stopped putting out 240V, so I called up Bob to see what he could do. Bob was responsive, punctual, and solved our problem very quickly. He was thorough in his explanation, and because of him I feel confident that I could solve the problem myself next time. Most importantly, he was very transparent with his pricing, and that is a trait I have the utmost respect for. Hillsborough Electric has a life long customer with me.(Link to Yelp)
Brogan M.
Shingle Springs, CA
Bob did a great job on putting some additional outlets into our basement.  Very thorough, punctual and experienced.  Explained the different options very clearly.  Made good use of his iPad to take pictures, so the job was correctly prepared.  He’s also responsive to emails which is not always the case with craftsmen.  May not be the cheapest but he found some ways to simplify the job and reduce the cost.  I would definitely recommend him. (Link to Yelp)
Nick P.
Burlingame, CA 
Bob found the problem for my client very quickly and explained all the details project. I really appreciated he updated all the electric works for the kitchen that make my client’s home more valuable and safe, He is always on time and very neat, he also spend endless time with me to all the options and estimate of the costs.(Link to Yelp)
Merit Real L.
Los Altos, CA 
I had an annoying electical problem at my home which I needed a real pro. I found Bob’s contact information in our local paper and sent him an email on a Sunday. He called me in less than an hour and set up a time that would work for me to look at the problem. It turned out the problem was due to the previous remodel from years ago. Bob walked me through the problem, showed me exactly what would be required to fix it. Bob completed the repair in a timely fashion. He left the area perfectly clean, no scraps, extra wires, or casing on the floor. I now have an electician I can trust.  (Link to Yelp)

Steve S.
Mountain View, CA 

We had a power outage created when we turned on the microwave. Got Bob’s number from the Los Altos Town Crier. We called him and he was so patient and walked us through troubleshooting our problem. It was nigh time and we got our problem solved right over the telephone. It’s amazing to get this kind of help. We have his number and are keeping it for some electrical work we need to schedule. Awesome!! Rosalie and Diane  (Link to Yelp)

Diane G.
Los Altos, CA 

 I called Hilsborough Electric and explained my problem. the owner explained to me how I could get the part at Home Depot. I got the part and instaled i my self. With his help I fixed the problem with no cost. Great business philosophy! (Link to Yelp)
Ken K.
Burlingame, CA 


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