Bob was responsive, professional, and effective; in short, a lifesaver on short notice. A Saturday afternoon, a Best Buy team had done a poor job connecting my stovetop (to the point that one of the cables started smoking). I told them to leave it like that and that I would call an electrician (I’d rather not have them burn my house down, thanks). I called a number of electricians that didn’t respond or said they couldn’t help me. Lucky for me, Bob answered and told me he could be at my home in an hour and was straightforward about his rate. He truly knows what he’s doing and is worth every penny. Thanks, Bob for the peace of mind of knowing that my next egg scramble was not going to light my house on fire! I’ll be sure to call on Bob next time I need electrical expertise! (Link to Yelp)
Adriana T.
San Mateo, CA
Bob is very responsive, professional, and pays very close attention to detail.  He installed a new external outlet for our house, which we’re using for a new tankless water heater.  The work he did looks like it was part of the original house construction. (Link to Yelp)
Carl M.
Burlingame, CA
Bob is the best electrician I’ve ever dealt with. He is a real professional and his work is extremely precise. If I need more electric changes in my house, I will definitely ask him again. I asked Bob to modify 8 cups of recessed lights in the kitchen. There were recessed halogen lights previously and I wanted to install LED ones. He did an excellent job! He removed all existing cups for halogen lights and installed new cups designed for LED. In the process, he cleaned up all existing mess in the ceiling. I love his work ethic to do it rigorously.

Also I like how closely he communicates with customers. During the project, he communicated clearly to me about everything including estimate, schedule, what he is doing, and next steps in text messages and in-person conversations. I always felt I knew what would happen in the next step and what I could expect as a result. I did never need to worry about the project in the process. This excellence is rare in the US. (Link to Yelp)
Satoshi N.
 San Francisco, CA

Bob is an incredible resource. We recently had a problem with our master bathroom losing power. He responded almost immediately after contacting him via yelp and he walked me through some quick troubleshooting ideas. His quick thinking and expertise solved the problem. I will absolutely be using him for any future issues my house may have.(Link to Yelp)
San Mateo, CA
The key for me in my dealings with Hillsborough Electric was they are very responsive.  Always responding back within minutes and following up if they haven’t heard from you in a while.  This level of service was top notch and he took the time to explain the various options and what he recommends.(Link to Yelp)
Andrew Y.
Burlingame, CA
I hired Bob to install a new 240 outlet.  His final install is clean and professional.  I’m happy with the final look and he made sure the outlet was facing in the proper direction for the intended use.  Additionally, he noticed that my fuse box/panel was not properly grounded!  He fixed that issue for free (it was a minor fix, but still very important).  I’d hire him again!(Link to Yelp)
Todd W.
Burlingame, CA
Bob did a great job with fixing our 3 hallway lights and patio light.  The hallway lights had never worked since we moved in, and there was no current flowing to them. Bob figured out where the switches were, and that the previous owners had put a blank wall plate over the switches in a botched remodeling project.  It was a complex problem, and we are really glad we hired Bob. He clearly knew what to investigate and was very thorough.  The simpler problem of our patio light only took a few minutes for him to fix.  Bob is clearly an expert electrician, and if we have any more problems, we are definitely calling him.  He is reliable and responsive via text. (Link to Yelp)
Bee M,
Sunnyvale, CA
I had a great experience with Hillsborough Electric.  The response was prompt and Bob solved my problem quickly and efficiently.  I will not hesitate to call them again.(Link to Yelp)
Golfnut S.
Burlingame, CA
Bob is a great guy and what a professional! I just asked for him to come out to troubleshoot and he figured out the most likely cause within minutes. He gave me a hint and I went and found the GFI to re-set. Now, all fixed and, as he said, he didn’t need to come out and I saved myself $250. I will need some solid electrical work done around the house soon and will certainly ask Bob to help us with the work. Thanks Bob!!(Link to Yelp)
Terri C.
Burlingame, CA
Bob responded to my request quickly.  Once we talked on the phone and explained the situation, he gave me an estimate and came over to the location to look at it.  The next day he finished the job and even did the job for less than estimated because I had an electrical outlet that did not need to be replaced. I appreciate the honesty! Thanks Bob, I will be calling you in the future for more electrical work.(Link to Yelp)
Nathan F.
Burlingame, CA
Very impressed with these guys.  Bob responded quickly and we discussed a lighting issue (problem with old recessed lights).  He was very generous with his time and talked me through the probable issues, even recommending cost effective / DIY approach, which I am running with now.  It’s this kind of honest help and guidance that has me committed to working with Bob and Hillsborough on any future work! (Link to Yelp)
Ken C.
Oakland, CA
Bob was able to identify and fix an issue with crackling noises coming from an electrical panel two other electricians were unable to. He carefully listened to my observations over the phone and arrived with a well thought out plan of actions, in contrast with the “let’s try random things and the issue might disappear” strategy I witnessed in the past. It’s clear that Bob knows what he’s doing, and a few minutes after he came in, I knew he would eventually fix the issue. I highly recommend hiring Bob for any non-straightforward jobs. A slogan has never been more true: “relax… call the bobcat… it’s done!”(Link to Yelp)
Julien W.
Redwood City, CA
Bob executed the complicated installation of a fragile, antique Fortuny chandelier. He was patient and thorough and I was happy I had entrusted this work to him. I recommend Bob highly – he did a terrific job with my unique situation.(Link to Yelp)
Rob K.
San Mateo, CA
Bob is incredibly professional.  Ton of prior experience, upfront regarding his hourly rate and great to work with. If you want high quality work, he is an excellent choice. (Link to Yelp)
Tim D.
San Mateo, CA
What a nice guy!  I just called Bob to have him come out to fix an electrical problem in my kitchen, and he walked me through how to do it on my own!!  He could have come out and charged me a visit, but instead gave me the fix for free!!  If I ever need any electrical help in the future, Bob is my guy.  Thanks again! (Link to Yelp)
Anne L.
Palo Alto, CA
I messed up something when first time trying to change the light switch by myself. Bob came in even I called him 20 min before the business close on that day.  He is nice, professional and patient. Teach and explain many things to me.  Highly recommended!! (Link to Yelp)
Kiera Y.
San Francisco, CA
Bob called with an estimate very quickly for a last-minute emergency. He was able to assess our problem over the phone and we resolved the issue that day. I would definitely call for any other electrical in the future!(Link to Yelp)
Anne B.
Los Angeles, CA
Bob was absolutely awesome!  I won’t go into all the details of the job but suffice to say that Bob came out within an hour of calling, assessed the situation, and very quickly fixed our problem (which we originally thought was going to be a lot worse).  Bob is one of those guys you immediately trust.  Trust that he’ll be honest with you.  Trust that he has your best interest in mind.  Trust that he knows what he’s doing and will fix the problem.  Would highly recommend Bob to anyone in the area looking for a great, trustworthy electrician. (Link to Yelp)
Tiff H.
San Mateo, CA
Most of our power went out last night and I was struggling trying to find an electrician. All the numbers that I had been referred to either didn’t pick up the phone or I left messages and they didn’t call back.  I decided to go on yelp and check out some reviews of electricians. I chose this electrician based on the reviews and I could not be more pleased.  Bob Williams answered the phone right away told me he’d be here in 30 minutes or less and he was.  He fixed our issue perfectly. He is polite and professional and very knowledgeable.  If anybody asks me to refer an electrician, Bob Williams is the man to go to!  Thank you so much! (Link to Yelp)
Joe B.
San Mateo, CA
Bob helped me out big time when I was in a bind. Great work and did well under pressure. Tensions were high and I was stressing, but Bob showed his Bobcat spirt and completed the job much to my satisfaction. I would recommend Hillsborough Electric to anyone looking for an excellent electrician. (Link to Yelp)
Ragnar R.
Redwood City, CA
Bob helped us out with a user error circuit breaker problem.  No big deal you say?  Well it was Sunday and I was in San Jose and my wife was home in Burlingame, and this courteous knowledgeable gentleman helped us out by telephone, saving an emergency weekend service call.  Good people like him help the world turn better each day.  He is in our speed dial now should we need him again.  He should be in yours as well. (Link to Yelp)
Stu H.
Burlingame, CA
What an amazing man.  I’ve had exposed wires coming from my ceiling for over 3 months because I can’t get an electrician to come out here due to the small size of the job.  Bob talked me through what he believed was happening (it’s a low voltage hanging pennant light over the island in my kitchen) and suggested that I take the light to Carlos Lighting and get it fixed there as it was a much more cost-efficient way to handle the problem.  I’m amazed by his honesty, knowledge and willingness to solve problems rather than charge me an arm and a leg.  5 stars!! (Link to Yelp)
Lisa K.
Burlingame, CA
Bob is fantastic!  Called him today after a bunch of things in my bathroom shut off.  After describing my problem and explaining the diagnostics I had already run, he kept coming back to it likely being a GFI trip … upon his advice, did one more lap of the bathroom and realized way inside the linen closet, covered behind a bunch of towels, was an outlet that was tripped and turns out this box fed the entire bathroom with power.  One click, and my problem solved! I had just moved into this place, so never realized it was there and didn’t see it the first time and probably would have dismissed it if it wasn’t for Bob’s keen sense that what I was describing sure sounded like a GFI problem.  He did this all free of charge – just and honest practitioner being a great community member.  Greatly appreciated Bob!!!  I’ll be calling you back to come out for an estimate for my electric car charger!(Link to Yelp)
Lawrence W.
San Mateo, CA

Bob fixed an electric panel problem efficiently and expertly. Pointed out how we could proceed at least cost for me. Correctly identified another problem that needed other expertise. Would use services him again.(Link to Yelp)
Julio R.
Los Altos, CA

Bob was extremely reliable, and his work was great. Best electrician we’ve had, hands down.  We had a difficult problem with our door buzzer, and he was able to come up with a custom switch solution. Other electricians were unable to figure out how to fix it. (Link to Yelp)
Chloe J.
San Francisco, CA

I have had these guys come out a few times to help with some smart lights and just rewiring my home to be up to code. Honest and nice people. Bob is superb at his job! (Link to Yelp)
Peter J.
San Mateo, CA

I talked to Bob directly and he was able to help me out over the phone! He wanted to make sure that I could solve the problem before he had to come out (and charge for service).  I LOVED that he not only saved me money, but he was so gentle and patient.  Thanks Bob!(Link to Yelp)
Laura G.
Daly City, CA

Bob came and looked through all the options before he found the best way to ground the two electrical outlets in the living room. I have experience with installing Direct TV so I had an idea of how to do the work. Bob was methodical and put aesthetics before what was an easy solution. The work was clean, and I felt I got more than my money’s worth. (Link to Yelp)
Eric R.
Stony Creek, Hamilton, Canada

Bob was really helpful to me in finding alternate solutions for my problem. Thanks so much. (Link to Yelp)
San Mateo, CA

Many big thanks to Bob at Hillsborough Electric. I called to set up an appointment and he was able to walk me through a quick fix over the phone, saving me $$ on an appointment. Super helpful and I will definitely be calling back should I have any electrical needs in the future. Thank you!(Link to Yelp)
Lyn A.
Burlingame, CA

Bob is so professional, responsible, reacts very fast and highly efficient! We Really appreciate his help!  We need the temp power service in a hurry. Bob did everything he could to provide so much precious info to us before we made final decision.  I really hope next time we could have another chance to work with him! Highly recommended! (Link to Yelp)
Freda L.
San Francisco, CA

Bob is awesome!  I called him at 9:30PM because my son heard a pop & fizzle in our kitchen and the whole house filled with a burning smell.  I was very worried, and Bob stayed on the phone with me and walked me through what I needed to do to make sure we were safe until he could come in the morning.  While he was here, he thoroughly checked all the outlets and even trimmed them before putting them back to make sure they stayed safe.  He is very nice, caring and does great work! (Link to Yelp)
Heather K.
Burlingame, CA

Just before the “Torrential Floods of 2014” (eye roll to anyone not in the SF Bay Area and doesn’t understand how bad our infrastructure is), I learned that the circuit breaker had gone out on our sump pump.  Oh, 2 days before said Torrential Flood was set to hit.  I called Bob in a panic.  He said he wasn’t cheap (and he’s not), but he would be able to come out in a couple of hours to take a look.  (My response was, “well, you know what’s more expensive than you?  Cleaning a flooded basement!” – but again I digress.) He came out and worked with our circuit breaker, and more importantly, taught me a couple of things about the wiring in our house.He knows his stuff and you definitely want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing – no one wants an amateur electrician (bzzzt) (Link to Yelp)
Doreen H.
Burlingame, CA 
When I had an electrical problem in a bathroom, I contacted Bob who got back to me right away by both email and phone. After describing the problem he was able to guide me to the solution over the phone – no visit needed!  And, no charge.  Very professional, very knowledgeable, and obviously interested in actually helping solve your problem as efficiently as possible. (Link to Yelp)
Matt B.
Burlingame, CA 
When I had an electrical issue on Labor Day I called Bob. He answered the phone personally and was over within an hour. He was professional and knowledgeable and fixed the issue quickly(Link to Yelp)
Adrian S.
San Francisco, CA 
Bob from Hillsborough Electric is professional, thorough and very friendly. He’s ethical and found the problem within minutes, then worked quickly to resolve it. Bob came on time and explained to us in terms we could understand what the problem was and the safest solution.
After he fixed the initial problem, we asked him to repair one other issue. He gave us the option of fixing it ourselves with his advice or doing it himself. I really appreciate how he gave us options. I’d highly recommend Bob’s as an electrician. He’s the kind of person who you’d welcome back to your home.  (Link to Yelp)
Barb D.
Los Altos, CA 
I was desperately trying to find a Electrician, specially one that would not try to take advantage of me because of the location of the service. After many attempts found Hillsborough Electric.
I called to make an appointment but Bob was such a nice guy that instead coming over and charge me the fee he walked me through the problem and was able to solve it right there over the phone.
I was impressed with Bob’s attention and skill in solving my problem over the phone especially with his professionalism and honesty.
I added him to my emergency list and also make him my Electrician.
Strongly recommended Hillsborough Electric. (Link to Yelp)
Sil P.
Mountain View, CA 
Hillsborough Electric’s Bob is terrific.  After trying to walk me through the circuit box during a phone call (not unlike trying to teach a squirrel to play the violin), he came out and took all the time necessary to locate the multiple electrical panels in my insane, built-out rental house.  In doing so, he stayed till after sundown, when the lights at last went on.  We negotiated an extremely fair price. Though I do not welcome more electrical trouble, I would be happy to have him back any time, and can’t recommend him more highly. (Link to Yelp)
Anne R. Woodside
Los Angeles, CA 
We had been sitting in the dark for about 3 weeks waiting for our previous Electrician to call but he never did.  Bob came highly recommended so I gave him a call.  Not only did he answer, he was able to come out that afternoon.  He is very efficient and did some research to get us the best prices for replacement parts we needed. Since I didn’t have any knowledge of what he was doing, he kindly took a moment to explain to me so I would have a better understanding.  I would definately call Bob again and highly recommend him for your Electrical needs!  He gets the job done and his rates are very reasonable! (Link to Yelp)
Kathy C.
Los Altos, CA 
Our 240V outlet stopped putting out 240V, so I called up Bob to see what he could do. Bob was responsive, punctual, and solved our problem very quickly. He was thorough in his explanation, and because of him I feel confident that I could solve the problem myself next time. Most importantly, he was very transparent with his pricing, and that is a trait I have the utmost respect for. Hillsborough Electric has a life long customer with me.(Link to Yelp)
Brogan M.
Shingle Springs, CA
Bob did a great job on putting some additional outlets into our basement.  Very thorough, punctual and experienced.  Explained the different options very clearly.  Made good use of his iPad to take pictures, so the job was correctly prepared.  He’s also responsive to emails which is not always the case with craftsmen.  May not be the cheapest but he found some ways to simplify the job and reduce the cost.  I would definitely recommend him. (Link to Yelp)
Nick P.
Burlingame, CA 
Bob found the problem for my client very quickly and explained all the details project. I really appreciated he updated all the electric works for the kitchen that make my client’s home more valuable and safe, He is always on time and very neat, he also spend endless time with me to all the options and estimate of the costs.(Link to Yelp)
Merit Real L.
Los Altos, CA 
I had an annoying electical problem at my home which I needed a real pro. I found Bob’s contact information in our local paper and sent him an email on a Sunday. He called me in less than an hour and set up a time that would work for me to look at the problem. It turned out the problem was due to the previous remodel from years ago. Bob walked me through the problem, showed me exactly what would be required to fix it. Bob completed the repair in a timely fashion. He left the area perfectly clean, no scraps, extra wires, or casing on the floor. I now have an electician I can trust.  (Link to Yelp)

Steve S.
Mountain View, CA 

We had a power outage created when we turned on the microwave. Got Bob’s number from the Los Altos Town Crier. We called him and he was so patient and walked us through troubleshooting our problem. It was nigh time and we got our problem solved right over the telephone. It’s amazing to get this kind of help. We have his number and are keeping it for some electrical work we need to schedule. Awesome!! Rosalie and Diane  (Link to Yelp)

Diane G.
Los Altos, CA 

 I called Hilsborough Electric and explained my problem. the owner explained to me how I could get the part at Home Depot. I got the part and instaled i my self. With his help I fixed the problem with no cost. Great business philosophy! (Link to Yelp)
Ken K.
Burlingame, CA 


 (Link to Yelp)